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Sunday, March 3, 2019

February2019 Nails- Round Up & Chit Chat

Hello Lovelies,

How was your February? Mine was good with two important days in it - my daughter's and mine bday :) I did 5 nail designs too this month and also started adding new nail sets to my Nail Shop. I am happy to have a productive month but only bad thing happened is I lost all my previous blog comments as I decided to switch to https mode (which is a requirement now by blogger so your site is marked as safe)and as blogger do not recognize intense debate commenting system which I was using before all comments are gone forever (SAD) Anyways I am using blogger comment system now since my previous post.

Now lets look at my nails I did this last month also do let me know which are your favs. :D

Nail Collage February 2019 Nails


  1. Wow, you've done some gorgeous nails this month! Those birds are stunning!

  2. I love all of these, you are so talented. My Feb was full of birthdays so I'm glad it's over lol

  3. I just love the love birds!!! They are my favorite.

  4. So sad you lost all the comments! :(
    But the nails are all so incredible, those birds especially, wow!

  5. These are all amazing, but I really love the dreamcatcher nails. I love how the blue matte and sparkles work with each other.


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