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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Born Pretty Holographic Nail Polish H001 Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have review of Holographic Nailpolish H001 which was sent by Born Pretty Store for my honest review and honestly I am amazed at the Holoness of this polish :D. You can see more pics and detailed review of it below. If you want to purchase this polish or any item from BornPretty I suggest using my discount code YLEX31 to get 10% discount on your purchase :) So let's move on to review.

H001 is a darkgray holo polish. It sparkles and gives linear holo effect in sunlight and in shade it shimmers sparkling gray colour. It is really fun to see how the polish comes to life when sunlight hits on your nails. I have posted a video of it on my instagram HERE.

in direct sunlight

in shade
Packaging and Quality : I am really impressed by the packaging. It comes in a tiny square bottle of 10 ml and has double cap but you wont find the name of polish on bottle so if you loose the carton of polish you will not know the name :( As far as consistency of polish is considered it was quite thick and I ended up adding thinner to make it work.  Anyways once I added restorer it worked like charm. I am happy to see it needs only 1 coat but you need to top coat it for extra shine and holoness :D

it stamps so well !! 

Nice packaging
Brush is great
Very sparkly
Also STAMPS !!

No name on bottle
Thicker in consistency

Overall experience: I really loved this polish. How nice that it stamps too !! I would highly recommend it and I am myself thinking to get other colours from this collection.

 You can purchase this polish from the link below

I hope you liked this review. Have you bought any BPS holo polish? What was your experience? Let me know your views below.

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