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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ursula Nailart (Video Tutorial) #TeamNailVillain

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing Ursula Nails with you. I did this nailart as a part of  Nailart Challenge on instagram. (check pic below) called Disney Villain vs Princess hosted by @wickedfullmoon  and @toxicvanityblog . I decided to be a part of #TeamNailVillain. I have not painted disney villain characters before so it is quite fun and challenging for me. I also filmed how I did this nailart so do watch the video linked below. Let's have a look.

Products Used:
1- Black Nail Polish
2- Liquitex acrylic paints :Titanium White, Dioaxazine Purple, Mars Black, 
Ultramarine Blue, Brilliant Purple, Alizarin Crimson
3- Nailart brushes @theindianlacquerholic

Do watch the tutorial below and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel HERE :) Thankyou !


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