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Monday, January 9, 2017

StyleThoseNails Turns 3 Giveaway !

Hello Lovelies,

StyleThoseNails has completed three years of nailart journey. I started posting under user name StyleThoseNails in Jan 2014. I really appreciate the support I got which kept me going and motivates me to post new designs. I thought to celebrate and give thanks to everyone who loves my work and follow me so I am hosting this giveaway. I invite you to participate in this giveaway and try your luck :)

Giveaway Rules & Conditions:

1- Subscribe to my You Tube Channel
2- Like my Giveaway video Here and comment your Yotube username and Instagram user name in video's comment box.
3- Follow @stylethosenails on Instagram
4- Share giveaway picture on your instagram with #stylethosenailsturns3 and @stylethosenails in caption and  share your Yotube username.


Giveaway is international
You can enter only once between 08 Jan to 31 Jan 2017
Prize- USD 50 gift voucher of
ONLY 1 winner will be chosen randomly

That's it guys. Wish you all best of luck ! :)

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