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Monday, January 16, 2017

Featured Nail Artist Ramie @LifeisNails

Hello Lovelies,
Meet first featured artist on my blog for the year 2017 - Ramie aka Life is NailsRamie's full name is Ramya Vasudev . She is a 23 year old nailartist from India. Ramie is one of the most popular nailartist I know on instagram. Her nails are synonymous of perfection. I am great fan of her clean designs and beautiful nail pics.  I also got an opportunity to do twin mani with her and I will be sharing the link of that post in the end. In this post I am sharing some of the beautiful nail designs done by Ramie along with her interview. I hope you will love to know more about this talented nailartist :) Now let's move on to Ramie's interview :)

1) Is nailart your hobby or your career? 
  •  Its my passion which is more like hobby and less of a career.

2) What got you into nailart? Tell something about your journey? Any interesting story you like to share :)
  • Well there is no dramatical or epic story behind my love for nail art,Since I was a child I used to draw funny stuff on my textbooks while the teacher was teaching important topics, although they were more like doodling in the beginiing then when was like 13 or 14 ( dpnt remeber exactly) I started seeing pretty french toip nails on the internet and I started doing mine the exact way (childish though) but I did not had the professional resources back then so they used to come out really messy or fugly if I may say compared to now. Then I got my first smartphone when I was 19 and downloaded instagram and saw so many creative nail arts floating all around instagram. till that moment I only preffered french nails but after that I climbed the stairs of my passion and started posting on instagram my simple nail arts which got improved over time and with every comments and likes , I got more and more confident about my work and nail art soon became my passion which basically meant happy time for me!! 

3) What is your favourite style of nailart?

  • my favorite would be nail arts using vinyls becuase they make everything so easy and they enhance your creativeness as well.

4) What are your future goals?
  • Well for now I dont have any great plans, just gonna keep nail art as my passion and gonna focus on making a career on Youtube.

5) What tricks tips and advise you will give to your fellow nailartists and beginner?
  • The only advice would be that never stop living your passion if its nail art or blogging or anything, never let any criticism stop you ever!! Be confident, Keep practicing and be happy at what you do!

6) Your favourite nailartists 
  • Well I love so many peoples work that you all will get bored, but if I have to name a few I would say Jema aka nailsbyjema , nailsbycambria , stylethosenails and madamluck for thier freehand crazy skills :D and aanchal from aanchynails my sweet lil sis.

I hope you enjoyed this post. You can find Ramie on her social sites below.

If you are interested in seeing our twin mani hop to THIS POST (click)

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