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Friday, December 30, 2016

Born Pretty Store Starry Sky Silicon Head Stamper and Scraper Set Review

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing review on stamper and scraper set  sent by BornPrettyStore. This stamper is called Starry Sky Silicon Stamper. There are five different colour heads available. I was sent translucent white one. Keep reading for more details.

This set came in a transparent PVC box with snowflake prints on it and it's really beautiful. Inside this pack I got one beautiful shimmery white silicon head stamper with a metal body and two scrapers. I really liked the printed snowman on metal handle. I must say the packaging and presentation is superb. Scraper was also transparent with snowflakes printed on it.

Overview: This set comes in a transparent PVC box. There was one stamper and two scrapers in the box. Stamper is made of metal body and a shimmery silicon head. Diameter of stamper head is 4cm and it fits perfectly in the metal cup. It didn't fall anytime during stamping which is great. It is soft  and sticky to touch. It doesn't require any priming. I tested it on all images of plates sent by Born Pretty and it picked all images perfectly (you can see in that post HERE) Also the scrapers are of good quality plastic and bends easily. They scraped really well !

Large stamper head
No priming needed
Beautiful packaging and presentation
Scrapers are good quality


If you are interested in this product you can purchase it from HERE . Don't forget to get 10% discount on your purchase by using my coupon code YLEX31 . 

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