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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plates BPL 052, BPL 053, BPL 054 Review

Hello Lovelies,

This is a picture heavy post as I am sharing review of three stamping plates BPL 052, 053 and 054 sent by Born Pretty Store. Born Pretty Store is a leading online store which sells various nailart stuff and also other items like clothing, jwellery, makeup and beauty etc etc. They were kind enough to send me some nailart stuff for review and I have review them in previous posts. In this post I am sharing stamping plates I was sent for review. Keep reading for details.

 BPL 052   is rectangular plate of size 12 cm by 6 cm. This plate has beautiful mandala style floral designs. I liked the fact these images are big enough to fit on long nails.

BPL 053  is another Mandala Style stamping plate of dimension 12 cm by 6cm. This plate is fully packed with different size images and can fit from small to long size nails. I really loved this plate

BPL 054  is rectangular plate of size 12 cm by 6 cm. This plate has geometric patterns and all are trendy and beautiful. This plate can be used in a versatile way. It's a must have in collection.

All these plates are etched well and you can feel it even by touching these plates. 
These plates are covered with a blue film which needs to be removed before stamping. 
Images on all these three are fit for short to long nails. 
I recommend all these plates and you can buy it form there website. 
BPL 052  BPL 053  BPL 054  . 
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