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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Bestie Nails with Featured Artist Paulie aka @laynopaul

Hello Lovelies,

How are you all? Today I am sharing bestie twin nails with one of my favourite nailartist on instagram Paulie aka @Laynopaul on instagram. I have been following Paul's work for a long time and it was a great opportunity to be do bestie nails with someone who inspires you so much. We decided to do Night Scene Beach nails. I even did a small interview which I am sure will interest you. So keep reading to know more .........
Before we start with interview let's have a look at Paulie's wonderful nailart work:

Now let me share the interview :)

Please tell about your Nailart Journey.
Hi everyone my name is Paul Dennis also known as paulie @laynopaul on instagram, 33 yrs of age and I am from Philippines. I've been wearing polish since 2010.. Nail art started at 2012. While watching some youtube videos for some reasons I saw robin moses channel and that's the start.I started searching for more easier designs.Just like the typical newbie my first design was flowers and dots using pins and toothpick.. It was really a hard at first I even didn't know what to buy or where to buy stuff from ,because nail art during that time wasn't that famous here in Philippines.. Salon here knows only  two design.. French tip and half moon. 

Where you drive your inspiration from
To be honest I always derive inspiration from everything.  Let's say I see a dress with gorgeous color or print I would get that inspiration and turn into a nail design. Artist can see inspiration everywhere.My favorite style was freehand although I'm getting hooked with stamp because it's faster.

Your Future Goals?
I want to have my own nail spa. Since this is what I am good at. I also want to teach beginners because I want to share everything I know and everything I have learnt.. 

What tips you will give to other artists?
Tips will always be - practice- you cannot achieve anything if you dont try. If you fail then that's good. You cannot be good at one thing if you were afraid to try. Never be afraid to ask, there are lots of people who can help you. Have lots of patience especially if your doing freehand designs. 

Any achievements you like to mention?
I have won several nail contest on instagram. But the real achievement for me is knowing more people, getting more friends with same interest. I remember someone who message me and say 'you are one of my inspiration' that is what you call an achievement. 

Your favourite Nailartists?
I have a lot. The first people I admire are the people who mentored me, the people behind nail adobo. It was a filipino nail art group on fb. I am a big fan of andreitus_nails  anna_xiewei ane_li and my good friend  Narmai their freehand skills are way phenomenal . I can't mention everyone but I admire everyone on this community. 

You can follow Paulie on Instagram @LaynoPaul. 
I hope you enjoyed this bestie nails and interview with Paulie. 

 P.S. I have made a separate post sharing my evening beach nails. You can read details HERE
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