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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Angel Nail Studio Vinyls Review

Hello Lovelies

How you all doing? Today I will be sharing my thoughts on vinyls from Angel Nail Studio. But before I get into it I have a disclaimer :I am not that good in using vinyls. At times I am impatient and simply can't get it right. Having said that I think I did a pretty decent job with these vinyls :D. So keep reading to know more

Veeral, Owner of angel nail studio was kind enough to send me a bunch of nail vinyls to try and review. I tried almost all the sheets she sent {wasted a few :p} and finally was able to create nail designs I shared below. I will brief about each as we progress.

Greek Vinyls: I am in love with it. This is my favorite from the bunch. Easy to use and I had no issue with it.

Fire and Waves/Zigzag vinyls: As you can see I used two types of vinyls in this mani. On the whole it looked great. But if you go into details you might see imperfections, which is my lack of practice :D. I loved how this turned out though.

V-shaped vinyls:  This was a full nail vinyl and after struggling to get a perfect resul I decided to make a decal out of the vinyl and then applied it on nail. I found it quite easy and loved how it has subtle autumn vibes in it .

Heart cyclone vinyl: This is again my favorite one and there are endless ways you can use these type of stencils. I did this mani for Breast Cancer Awareness you can read that post HERE.

I am quite pleased by the way these manis came out, though I have see even perfect manis and I awe at them :P But overall I am satisfied with the vinyls sent to me. In some sheets the paper quality was different and glue was more sticky which I am sure is not the case in new launches, I was more comfortable with the stencils which are not full nails like heart cyclones and greek etc. I was sent some full nail vinyls also, those which cover full nail bed but somehow I was not able to get it right by using it directly on my nails so I finally decided to make a vinyl decal out of it and the problem is solved. I will be using other full nail vinyls also using this technique. I recommend you to check her shop on the link below and try her vinyls :)

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