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Monday, June 13, 2016

Sunset at Beach FreeHand Landscape NailArt- Twin Mani

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing a landscape nailart with you all. I did a landscape painting after so long. I enjoy doing detail art work and doing it after so long made me feel really good. I am proud the way it came out. My nail bestie Nisha from @nishas_nailmatinee suggested that we should do some twin mani and she was mainly interested in free hand landscape. I googled for inspiration and this beautiful painting done by Darice Machel caught my eyes. This painting is of Makena Beach you can read more about it here We both agreed on creating a nailart inspired from this painting. You can see our bestie nail collage and more pictures of this nailart below.

To create this Nailart I used acrylic colours from Fevicryl Brand, which is an Indian brand. For creating details I used brushes from IndainLacquerholic and BQAN brush from BornPrettyStore which I have reviewed HERE.

And now time for Twin Mani Collage

I hope you enjoyed this nailart. I posted a fun video collage of these pics on YouTube so if you are interested in watching you can check it HERE.

Have a Great Day !

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