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Friday, June 3, 2016

Blue and Pink Water Marble : Water Marble Decals Technique (Step by Step Tutorial)

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are enjoying your weekend !! I did this pretty watermarbling design for this weekend. I loved how these two polishes from MaxTouch marbled together and produced a clean design. I decided to go for decal method. This was my first successful attempt and I think I will do more as I am already addicted. Below is step by step tutorial with notes for those who don't know about this method.

Below are the swatches of these two pretty shades. They are lovely creams, easy to apply and quite good quality budget polishes available all over middle east.


MaxFactor P45

Water Marble Decals is a kind of water marble hack or cheat which gives you desired result without wasting your polishes plus there is absolutely no mess :) You can even make decals in advance and stick when you want to. You can get similar design on all nails and make them look perfect .So let's see the steps for Water Marble Decal Technique-

STEP 1- Choose 2 or more colours that marble well. (you might to go through trial and error)
STEP 2- Produce the design in a cup with room temperature water.
STEP 3- Let it sit in cup for one to two hours.
STEP 4- Remove it gently with the help of tweezers. (I was able to pull out with my fingers only :D)
STEP 5- Keep it on a plastic sheet and let it dry, now you are ready to stick on nails
STEP 6- Your nails must be already prepped with a base colour, I applied pink base.
STEP 7- Cut the decals as close as you can to match your nail shape.
STEP 8- Now apply a THIN layer of top coat or clear polish to make base sticky.
STEP 9- Carefully place the decal on your nails, press down and remove all extra parts carefully.
STEP 10- After cleaning up extra decals hanging on nails with nail polish remover apply top coat.
STEP 11- You are done !! Now flaunt your perfectly marbled nails :)

I prepared two decals for all four nails. But it's advisable to make extra decals just in case you spoil.
click on image for larger view

I hope you find this post useful. What you thin of this technique or hack :) 
Share if you have tried this technique or want to try ?

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