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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Water Marble Nail Collaboration

Hello Lovelies,
A quick post today !! Recently I did a water marble collaboration hosted by my nail bestie Nisha(NailMatinee) on instagram so I am sharing some pictures of my watermarble nails. I tried to film the tutorial but my polishes refused to cooperate on camera but they behaved well off camera LOL I am sure happens to all of us. So let's have a look at my mani and our nail collage.

Theme: We had to use a black polish in water marble and rest colours were of individual's choice. I used this hot pink neon polish from Enthrice germany in shade no.326 as base (see swatch pic below) This polish is awesome in terms of quality, drying time and wearablilty. I am glad to find some nice brands of nail polishes in Bahrain which are pocket friendly too :D

Products Used:
Black Polish Enthrice Germany- no.236
HotPink Polish    Enthrice Germany- no.326
French Pink  Max Touch- no. P19

And here is our water marble collage you can find it on instagram HERE and 
see all the particpants' pages tagged on pic. It was a great fun.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Let me know what you think of this nailart and
 your views about watermarbling technique in general :)

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