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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lipstick Nailart (Lippie Nail Collaboration- #LippieSquad2016) and Born Pretty Store Bquan Nailart Brush Review

Hello Lovelies,

In today's post I will be sharing my thoughts on Bquan crystal handle detailing brush from Born Pretty Store. BPS recently sent some nailart items for review which I will be sharing with you in future posts. This pretty brush was one of the item and I was quite excited to try it out so I used it to create this Lipstick Nailart. I will be talking about this brush in detail but let me first tell you about this interesting nail collab hosted by Millyp from Nails_by_millyp on instagram. I have also featured this talented girl on my blog HERE
She invited me with other nailartists to create a nailart based on theme Lipstick. I personally love wearing lipsticks and it's my must have makeup item. I enjoy wearing wine and deep red shades of lipsticks. I also like lipstick which are long lasting. I mostly use lipsticks from Maybelline as they have affordable and wide range of lippies but I always dream of having one Mac in my collection so I painted a Mac Lipstick on my index nails. I was so thrilled to see how smoothly I was able to paint this lipstick and give all highlights and shadow effects. Not to mention writing MAC on that tiny lipstick was only possible because of this amazing nail art brush . I did full nailart using only this brush and I am very pleased with the end result !

 Overview: Bquan brush is a Nail Art liner brush with a transparent crystal filled handle. It comes with a cap to protect the fine brush head. Body is made of sturdy metal and it feels heavy as comapared to normal wooden brushes. Hair size is 5mm .It is thin enough to create tiny details on nail. It is a must have brush for all who love doing free hand nailart and I highly recommend it.

1) Beautiful and elegant looks
2) Perfect to create fine details.
3) Comes with a cap for protection
4) Can be used with acryilic paints and nail polishes

1) Due to metal body and crystals can feel heavy to some.
2) Expensive than other brushes (but worth it as it will last long)

If you like to purchase this brush click on the link below and also you can get a discount of 10% on your purchase from Born Pretty Store by using my coupon code YLEX31. Link to purchase this brush is down.

And before I stop let's have a look at this beautiful collage created by Milly and I am so proud to be a part of it with other talented ladies. You can see all beautiful manis on instagram by searching #LippieSquad2016

Let me know your views about my nailart and this brush. Have you used this brush? What detailing brush you use for your nail designs? Would love to hear from you --

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