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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Holi 2016 Nail Art : Nail Collaboration

Hello Lovelies,

Wish you all a Very Happy Holi !! Holi is festival of colours and one of the major festival celebrated in India. But now a days Holi is getting popular all over the world. I thought why not celebrate this festival with my lovely nail buddies by inviting them to paint Holi Nailart and then create a picture collage of all colourful nails. I have posted the collage do check out. But before that I would like to share my nailart for the festival.

When we think of Holi Nailart all that comes in mind is colourful splashes. But I wanted to do something different this year so I googled some ideas and saw some fun HOLI text images, so I picked up the idea and did this cartoon style Holi Nailart. This was too much fun and I seriously felt my nails are alive and playing Holi with each other hahaha.

I hope you liked my Holi Nails and enjoyed it. Now last but not the least I am sharing the collage by lovely nailartists. I have linked the Instagram account of participants so you can check out and follow their work :)

1- Adit            @ NailsArt.My.Passion
2- Aarushi        @ Nailingitrush
3- Lakshika    @ Lakshika_pant
4- Manisha     @ Manishamanimatters
5- Apeksha     @ Apeksha_27
6- Aparna       @ Aparna2511
7- Shaily        @ Shaily.Nailartist
8- Anusha      @ Ab_nailedit
9- Dimple      @ Creativenails_d
10-Pisanee     @ Psaiklin
11- Rangeena @ Rak_nails_rangeena
12- Veeral       @ Angelnailstudio
13- Anita         @ StyleThoseNails
14- Reena         @facebook

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