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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Featured Artist Sandrine @JustNailitPeru

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am back with another featured artist. If you are an active member of nail community you must have seen these immaculate designs in your feed which leaves you in awe and if not then you are missing on something !! My friends I would like you to meet Sandrine popularly known as JustNailitPeru on Instagram and Facebook. Read on to see what is her nailart journey and give yourself an eye treat with her wonderful paradisiacal nail designs.........

Let's Read about Sandarine in her own words-

Please tell about yourself -

My name's Sandrine Rouillier, I've turned 36 a few days ago, I'm French but I've been living in Peru (Latin America) for 8 years. I don't have children yet but I have a gorgeous cat, Agathe, almost 11 years, that follows me everywhere I go. And last but not least, I'm married to the best man on Earth, we've been married for more than 2 years.

I don't work at the moment, I've left my previous job 3 months ago to go and help my family in France, my dad was struggling with a serious illness and def needed some support (Maybe we can only say that I don't work at the moment, idk)

What got you into nailart? Tell something about your journey? Any interesting story you like to share :)
Well, as a lot of nail artists, I'm an ex biter, but this was when I was really young. At the age of 11 or 12 I let my nails grow and began using colorful polishes. This was the only touch of creativity I had because at that time I used to wear dark clothes lol but let's say I've never stopped using nail polishes since then. Nail art was a long time after that, when I arrived in Peru because here, it's common to see girls at the hairdresser's having their nails done (it's not that common in France). So I observed how these girls worked and did these tiny designs with nail polishes (till now, nail art hasn't changed much here, it's always the same boring flower designs, but at that time it fascinated me). I have to say I'm self taught so I observe and then I do myself, I bought what I needed and began with nail art. I quickly got bored with nail art with nail polishes so I began using acrylic paint and absolutely fell in love. I tried different styles, different techniques till I found my way less than a year ago when I created my Facebook fan page and IG account.

What is your favourite style of nailart and inspiration?
I particularly like realism, as I am perfectionist. I love painting animals, that's what I prefer. The only thing that I don't often paint is portraits, I suck at portraits lol

What are your future goals?
When I am a grown up I want to be like Pisut Masanong lol

What tricks tips and advise you will give to your fellow nail artists and beginner?
Patience is a nail artist strength, when I paint my nails I don't watch the time, it's my special moment, the moment when I relax and don't think about anything else. Don't be mean to yourself, if it's not perfect, it doesn't matter, you'll do better next time.

Nail artists you admire a lot? If any?
A lot but if there's only one, Pisut Masanong, this guy is the best of all.

That's it guys! I hope you enjoyed Sandrine's interview. I would like to thank Sandrine for sharing about her and giving permission to publish her nailart on this blog. If you are not following her already do check her out on social links below:

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