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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

One Stroke Rose Nailart using Born Pretty Store Flat Brush : A review

Hello Lovelies,

Today's post is about my experience with flat brush also called one stroke brush from BornPrettyStore. This was one of the items sent for review by BPS. I am a big fan of one stroke technique and at the same time I find it very challenging ( and you will if you will compare your creations with Tartofraises *_* ) I always keep wondering how she is so perfect !! Well one thing is certain you need good tools for one stroke apart from lots and lots of practice. When I tried one stroke with this brush I was hoping to be as good as her hehehe :P but NO I was not :( Reason being lack of practice !! This is my 3 or 4th attempt at one stroke in past 3 years so it's understood. So if you like my nailart all credit goes to this lovely brush and some skills !! :D. Let's check out in detail now

This brush is made of transparent plastic and is not very thin so I find the grip was good. Head of this brush is 3mm in width so you can create small designs but not very small. These roses covered my whole nail and I have broad nails so if you try for small nails you might need a flat brush with smaller width. Quality is good and also the packing was cute. I only did not understand why it is so pointed at the end like orange wood stick !!!

Overall I am happy with the brush and would recommend it . So now I only need good quality acrylic paints and I can do one stroke like Tartofraises ! Oh I hope you know who she is ? If not you must check her youtube channel HERE

If you are inetersted in this brush click on the link below and purchase it from Born Pretty Site. Avail a discount of 10% using coupon code YLEX31 when you check out !

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