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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bird NailArt- Painting Inspired Bestie Twin Nails

Hello Lovelies,                      

It's been a while since I did any #BestieTwinNails. If you don't know what that mean let me explain to you, when two nailartists do same design on their nails it's called twin mani/nails or bestie twin mani/nails :) And this time my bestie was Chele aka @bombchelenails !!! Have you seen her work? She is insanely talented and I am so thrilled to do this nailart with her:)

This nailart is freehand and all the details is done using acrylic paints and fine brush. 
I have used fevicryl paints from India and brush is simple art brush which I have cut to make it fine.Below is the slide show tutorial. If you have difficulty in watching here you can watch it also on youtube (full screen) by clicking HERE

I hope you enjoyed. Please leave your comments below- Thanks for your time 

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