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Monday, December 28, 2015

Featured Artist Millyp from @Nails_by_Millyp

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing about one of my favourite freehand Nailartist Millyp aka Nails_by_Millyp on instagram. I saw her work on instagram and instantly fell in love with her skills. Her nailart is unique and creative. She is a kind and supportive person and I am sure if you read about her journey you will get inspired. So without further ado I will leave you with her, read her journey in her own words :)

Milly Says-
There is love for song, dance, sports or video games by so many. In my life experience that love is Nail Art. I am a Puertorican  woman born and raised in New York City. There are sounds and textures everywhere around me. I pull inspiration from the simplest of things. The air, a smell, the street lights or the laughter of people who pass me by on the sidewalk. I began my nail art journey in 2014. It was then I realized that this was my absolute passion. There is something magical that happens when you bring a creative peice of art to life on your own nail bed. I have always loved painting be it on paper or canvas. Nail art however was my calling. This is indeed a purposeful and joyous reason to create.

There is much to be said about the nail community. I have read beautiful and uplifting comments. There have also been sad and degrading ones. I have been inspired by each and every one. All opinions count good or bad as they all inspire me to do better. My inspirations are, Bombshell Nails, Stylethosenails, Riddhisn, Dessure Nails, Almybe, Jamylyn_nails, Masaong, Andreitus_nails, Anna_xeiwei, Narmai, NailsbyErzsebeth, Melroze, nailsbymaz, Nailsbykenny, NailsbyTrudy, Kerlys Artistic Nails, nailcandii, Robert Nguyen NailguyTV, Mindy Hardy and The Naja to name only a few as I climb and push myself to reach the top of my Everest of goals set for myself; I know there is beauty and inspiration to be drawn, from this world of nails we call our community.

The things that I would love to share and advise on are.. Never take anything personal. Always try, try then try again because nothing is impossible when it comes to art. We are our  own worst critic. Let us all be easier on ourselves and our Art. We all shine brighter than a northern star but fail to see it many times. Remember that for every mistake, small set back or minor hiccup in our nail journey; there is much to be gained. From these set backs you have now grown mentally, spiritually, creatively and intuitively. The gain is a far better reward than the fail. Ask your fellow nail art friends for help if you don't know or understand something. There is no such thing as a stupid question. The only way one can fail is by not asking or not trying. Never give up because NO is not an option. If you love Nail Art and it is what you think about most everyday, you should chase after that passion. Make it a constant joy and reality in your life. Believe in yourself and your ability to take on every task knowing that you can't fail. You are an Artist and there is beauty in every aspect of failure and reward. It is the knowledge you gain every step of the way on your journey that fills you up and makes you a stronger Artist. This is my advice in my experience for those who are starting and those who are working hard on continuing to grow their artistry. .......Love, Millyp :)

I Thank Millyp for taking time to share her Journey with us. I hope you must have enjoyed her work too. Don't forget to follow her on Instagram@Nails_by_Millyp.

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