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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

--MoYou London Rectangular Stamper and Scraper-- First Impression/Review (Video)

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing my review on MoYou London Rectangular Stamper and Scraper. Since I am not much into stamping I didn't own any good stamper and after exploring into the ocean of stampers (online research) I thought to try MoYou stamper and I am glad I did. Before this I had one Konad stamper which works really good for me since I have flat nail beds but it is small in size plus I find that I have to be super-quick with it as polish dries very fast on it. I also tried soft rubber stamper from Aliexpress but it also didn't work for me.....So here I am with my new love "MoYou Rectangular Stamper" :D. Keep reading my experience and also watch my review video linked at the end of the post.

This stamper and scraper set came in a small bag which is so cute :) I liked the scraper very much it's material is very nice. It's made of plastic but it's bendable so gives a lot of control plus doesn't scratch the stamping plates.

Stamper is rectangular in shape and I really liked this as it helped me to judge accurately where image will appear on my nails. Stamper head is really soft and sticky as it is made of silicon but it attracts dust and dirt easily so needed to be cleaned before use and I found scotch tape works well (watch video)

As you can see in above pictures. Stamping came out nice and crisp. I used Kaleidoscope Mirror Polish f-08 and BP-04 plate for stamping. I am very happy and would totally recommend to any one who wants to try this stamper. I bought this from El-Corazon site along with other stamping polishes so if you are planning to buy you can use my coupon code "stylethosenails10%" to get 10% discount.

Let me know what you think of this stamping nailart. Have you tried stamping? Which stamper you like and recommend to everyone? Waiting for you feedback :D

If interested watch my video review of this stamper below and while you are there please LIKE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my channel- ThankYou !! 

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