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Friday, October 2, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Hobbies

Hello Lovelies,
Today we at Crumpet Nail Tarts ( A facebook group of Talented Nailartists) are starting a new nail art challenge called #40GreatNailArtIdeas which will run for 52 weeks. There are a lot of interesting prompts and one of them is HOBBIES ! When it comes to Hobbies I always loved to do something creative DIY stuff, craft projects, drawing , painting etc etc. But I had special love for drawing and painting. So I decided to dedicate this manicure to Nailart -My current hobby. 

I love drawing and painting since childhood. When I was in high school I also took summer hobby classes for canvas painting but couldn't pursue it long. I will give some credit for my freehand skills to those few classes I joined. Anyways as I moved on in life painting and drawing was left behind but I kept on polishing my nails (no nailart though as I was unaware of nailart till 2012 !! Yes I lived under a rock). I always loved watching youtube beauty videos and that's how I came across NAILART-WORLD. I was so surprised  to see  how nails can be used as canvas! and thus came back my love of art. I also started painting my nails with different designs and this really makes me happy.

Besides painting I like to read story books too and still want to give time to this hobby but seriously I spend my entire leisure time on nailart only. :P

Finally some details on this nailart. I tried to show the fusion of my love for painting and nails,how my love of painting has transformed to nailart. I enjoy it the most !!  I still paint but canvas is nail :D. Here I have used acrylic paints to create the entire look over a white nail polish base.

Let me know what is your hobby?  How you pursue it? And your thoughts on this nailart. 
Check out what other lovely ladies came up with :)

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