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Thursday, October 29, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas- Halloween Nails 2015

Hello Lovelies,

Do you celebrate Halloween? Unfortunately it's not celebrated in India but as a member of nail community I celebrate it by painting my nails. I really enjoy my instagram and facebook feed these days full of creative and innovative work by all nailartists. To add to our enthusiasm New Crumpet Nail Tarts (facebook group) has kept Halloween as theme for our#40GreatNailArtIdeas  Challenge so you will see a lot of inspiration and amazing work at the end of this post. Coming to my nailart.......Well after looking at all the work I felt I have nothing new to do seriously. Finally I started with grim reaper death (index nail) and as mani progressed I kept adding what came into my mind and finally the end result was something I liked. I specially loved the thumb. Go ahead and check my pictures and tell how you find this nailart :)

As usual this full nailart is freehand. I used my favorite fevicryl acrylic paints to paint all the characters and brush I used is cut by myself. I used this nailpolish (pic above) as base it is called Fus Orange and is lovely peach orange colour perfect for this fall/autumn season. It's from brand Health&Glow/EN-VY available on selected stores in India.

  That's it Lovelies, I wish you a Happy Halloween. Enjoy have fun and before you leave this page please write something in comment box, it makes me happy to read you comments and I try to reply all.

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