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Friday, September 25, 2015

Cupcake Fairy Nails for Cupcakes 4 Kids with Cancer- National Cupcake Day

Hello Lovelies,
Today I am sharing a very special nailart which I did for raising awareness about childhood cancer. This is really unfortunate to see that so many of our tiny angels suffer from this deadly disease. To raise awareness on detecting early signs and also to encourage our heroes Cupcakes of Hope is running an event where they encourage people to make cupcakes for little soldiers and send their wishes and ray of hope.. You can connect with them on their Facebook page HERE

Also Tip-Top Nails from South Africa is partnering with them and asked all Nail Enthusiast to do nailart based on Cupcake theme which is a great initiative and I decided to be a part of this. Though it's a competition but I wanted to be in just for the cause :) So let's have a look at my nailart........

For this theme I first decided to go with making just some cupcakes but when I read the picture text , I loved the word "Cupcake Angels" and I thought to try some cupcake fairies/angels. I googled for inspiration and that's how this nailart came up.

For base I used geometric gradient technique. I used a make up sponge, red and white acrylic paints to create gradient (I prefer acrylic paints over nailpolishes for gradient but go for nailpolishes if want to wear it longer ). As you can see in the picture you have to place the paint so that it creates a circle in the center and you can sponge it on nails to create circular gradient. I also used sparkling holo top coat called Glit Shiny from Health&Glow to create fairy dust look and also it evens out everything nicely.

Next everything is painted using acrylic paints and thin brush which I cut myself. It really took me long to paint full fairies along with cupcake but all fatigue was gone once I saw the end result.

If you like this nailart please share with others. Also let me know your views in comment section. For more info on early signs of childhood cancer and to support the organisation kindly visit HERE
UPDATE: (29thSep2015)
I was chosen the winner of the competition and it feels so great that everyone appreciated the effort I put in this nailart :)

Thank-You !

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