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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Swatches and Review of Kaleidoscope Nailpolish from El-Corazon : Fashionista No.4 & No.5

Hello Lovelies,
Today I am sharing with you two beauties from El-Corazon Kaleidoscope fashionista Collection. They are named as No.4 and No. 5 and both of them are my favourite shades from this collection !! I just loved the pastel and soft touch of these shades.

Both polishes have cream-jellyish kind formula with suspended white hex glitters and micro glitters which make them more softer and milkier. Since this was my first time working with this type of polishes I found a little difficulty with application as glitters were not spreading properly and were deposited on bottle wall. On nails if I applied the polish a little thicker it floated the glitters away :(. Later I discovered that instead of putting normal coats I should apply thinner coats and really roll the bottle nicely. Since both these colours are very light ,to get full opacity I applied more layers and that hid the glitters and I lost jelly effect ! But somehow I managed to swatch them and although I am not happy with my swatches I will try them again as they are really very pretty polishes !!

So my over all thoughts about these polishes

Pros :-
1- Beautiful everyday shades.
2- Gives beautiful look to nails without any extra effort
3- They are five free

1- Tricky to apply
2- Not quick drying.

These polishes are currently out of stock but you can check them on El-Corazon site HERE

So let me know if you have tried these or similar kind of polishes and what was your experience? Any trick you want to share?

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