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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sunset in Hawaii - Summer Nailart featuring Health&Glow Fluo Magenta and Fluo Red Orange Nail Polishes

Hello Lovelies,
How are you? Well I broke my nails and have to chop them off but that won't stop me from making them lovely right ! :D Today I am sharing summer nails which I did using neon polishes from Health&Glow India. They are available only at their stores in selected Indian Cities. I managed to get a couple of Health & Glow polishes while they were on sale  (Thanks to my bro who bought them for me from Chennai) and I will be using them and sharing swatches in my future posts ! Well for now let's have a look at these beauties and also my Hawaiian nails :)

Fluo Magenta is hot neon pink polish while Fluo Red Orange is neon orange. Both are jelly polishes. They are very tinted which I was not expecting as jelly polishes are generally sheer. You get opaque colour in 2 coats but I was overwhelmed by their smooth gliding formula and went for three coats !! (Does that happens to you too?) Both dried fairly quick, I was able to do nailart after 15 min. And yes they are also long wearing 5 days and no chip. (I am not wetting my hands very often!) Overall I am very happy and highly recommend them !

Coming to nailart. These polishes are perfect for syrup gradient as they blend easily due to jelly base. Below is a step by step pic of syrup gradient base I did for the nailart.
 1- Start with neon pink and let it dry.
2- Then apply neon orange on the tips.
3- Apply a thin layer of neon pink before orange dries completely.
4- Apply a glitter topper to further blend the colours.

After doing base I painted Hawaii flowers on my nails using black paint.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know your view in comments and
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Thanks and Have a Nice day !

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