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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Golden Glitter Party Nails - El CorazonNo.530 Swatch and Review

Hello Lovelies,

A quick post today, I am sharing a stunning gold glitter polish from El-Corazon. El-Corazon is a Russian brand of cosmetics and they ship internationally. El-Corazon No.530 is a great party-wear polish. If you are a fan of gold glitters then this is a must have. Take a look on the swatches of this lovely polish

My thoughts on this polish.
El Corazon No. 530 is a golden glitter polish which has great formula. Being glitter polish it takes little time to dry if you are doing more that two coats but not too long. Application is smooth. Glitters are not chunky so you don't get very rough finish though it looks textured. This polish is densely packed with golden glitters and gives you full coverage in two coats. Overall I liked this polish.
You can buy this polish from EL-Corozan Website HERE
Let me know your views.  Are you a fan of gold glitters?

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