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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Couples in Rain- Monsoon Nailart + Picture Tutorial


Hello Lovelies,
I know fall is soon approaching but in India it is still monsoon so I am inspired to do some nailart dedicated to this lovely romantic season ! If you watch Bollywood movies then you might notice hero heroine  dancing and romancing in rain :D so I also painted a couple romancing under an umbrella in rain, I hope you will like it and I also added a step-by-step nailart tutorial so you get an idea if you want to recreate.

Starting with the swatch of this blue polish I used as base for nailart. It is called Fluo Blue from Health&Glow India. It is bright deep blue, two coater polish and won't leave any stain on nails. It has jelly formula and very smooth to work with. I give it 5 stars ***** :D


 Coming to nailart below is step by step tutorial. I started with a blue base and then first added light strokes of white polish on all nails except middle nail then some opaque strokes of white. Keep all the strokes slightly slanting and in one direction to represent heavy rain.

Then on middle nail I first made a rough sketch of couples and umbrella and later added details on it.
Lastly top coat when you are happy with the result.

I used faber-castle acrylic colours to do painting and used a nailart brush cut by myself for detailing purpose.
Hope you enjoyed this post.
If you try do Tag me and use #LookSTN so I can see your recreation !
Have a nice day !

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