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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Comb Marbling Nailart- Dry Marbling using Hair Comb -DIY Nailart Tool

Hello Lovelies,
Today I am sharing some interesting nailart technique. This is just another quick way to make drymarbling or polybag marbling  decals for nails. I used a regular widetooth comb to create marbled effect so I guess we can call it Comb Marbling ! You get nice marbled effect using this DIY tool. I have a posted a tutorial also so keep reading :)

I used health&glow polishes (Indian brand)
Blue is called Fluo Blue
Green is called Fluo Green
Yellow is called Fluo Yellow
This technique is no different than drymarbling/polybag marbling for creating decals except that I used a comb to draw the pattern rather than needle or toothpick!

I think it's a quicker way to create  marbled effect. Do watch the tutorial and let me know your views !
P.S. (Sorry for crappy lighting in video I still have to figure out better way to shoot in my new place!)
To watch the video on You Tube click HERE
So, what you think of this Comb Marbling Technique? Will you be trying it?
If you do tag me @stylethosenails and #LookSTN so I can have a look

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