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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Stamped Nails Colouring Technique - Cute Floral Spring Nailart (Video Tutorial)

Hello Lovelies

Today I will share an easy way to transform your mani instead doing a new one all over again. I came up with this idea after I got bored with my existing design and was thinking to do a new one. I thought why not fill some colour to the existing one and so I call it Stamped Nails Colouring Technique :P. All you need is a thin brush and little practice with free hand so you can fill the colours exactly in design. I filmed a short tutorial on how I did mine. Let's have a look

I used stamping plate I bought from Aliexpress and the colours I used are regular acrylic paints but you can go for nail polishes too. I had a lot of fun doing this and it was so easy as all I had to was to fill the pattern already printed on my nails :) I felt like I am colouring an art book :P

You can watch the tutorial below and please Subscribe to my channel and give my video a Thumbs up if you liked it. If you try it share with me by tagging @StyleThoseNails on your pics and also #LookSTN :)

To watch on you tube click HERE

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