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Monday, May 25, 2015

El Corazon Active Bio Gel Jelly Neon Nailpolish 423/252 Review and A cute Floral Pattern Nail Art

Hello Lovelies !
Recently I received a couple of nail polishes and nail art products from El Corazon for review and out of  which today I am sharing my thoughts on El Corazon Jelly Neon 423/252 Nail polish. El Corazon is a russian brand with beautiful range of nail polishes and nailart products. They also have cosmetics and other items. You can find the link of their website at the end of the post. Now let me share the swatch of this pretty blue jelly polish. Have a look........

This was my first time working with a jelly polish and when I applied first coat it was almost transparent but as I went on building the layers I was so pleased to see how the colour built up. The colour looks brighter in sun and in shade looks one shade darker(see macro) You might need 3 to 4 layers of polish to build the colour depending on your application. The application is very smooth and polish layers dries quickly. I just loved the richness of this blue shade. This polish is perfect for creating pond manicure and I am planning to do one. 

Coming to nailart, I painted this floral pattern on the base using a fine brush and acrylic colours. I did roses by controlled strokes of lighter and darker shades. It took me around two hours to finish this :P  But at the end I loved how it turned out giving a cool fresh feel to my nails. 

What is your opinion on this polish and nailart? Do let me know in the comments  :)

To visit El-Corazon website please click HERE  

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