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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Simple One Stroke Nailart

Hello Lovelies
Sharing a post from my draft box :) I did this when I swatched Phalish Nailpolishes and then forgot to post. Does this happen with you too? Anyways coming to the nailart. I love one stroke nailart but also I don't have much confidence. So I am just sticking to basic floral design. I hope you like this nailart, have a look.

 Base is Snow over the rhone  which is a beautiful holo blue polish and for creating flowers I used acrylic colours.In one stroke technique you basically add two colours to the tip of the brush side wise and when you make a stroke it shows two colours well blended. This is really awesome technique but needs a lot of practice to master. Well I do wish to master it but right now I am settling with something as simple as this :)

What do you think of this nailart? Have you ever tried One stroke nails ?:)


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