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Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Maze Runner- Book Inspired Nails for The Polished Bookworm

Hey Friends ! How are you all doing? Once again I am back with a Book Inspired Mani. This time The Polished Bookworm Club decided to read 'The Maze Runner' written by James Dashner. This book is actually a trilogy and we decided to read part 1. But seriously?? You can't stop at part one this book will glue you and you will eventually read all :D. I read prequel too :P I finished all parts so it took me longer and a little delay in painting my nails but finally I have this nailart inspired by the book cover. Have a look

The walls of the maze were described very elaborately in the book and also featured on book cover. You can see the green ivy wines also which played a very important part in the story. I haven't watched the movie but I have already downloaded it and will be watching it very soon. As far as book goes I loved the way writer has explained everything and we can actually imagine everything as if it's occuring in front of our eyes. As you finish different parts you will get more surprises and story becomes interesting. BUT I didn't like how it ended as I felt something was left unexpalined or left to reader's imagination. But as per wiki info a prequel TheFeverCode is set to be released in 2016 so may be I will find my answers there :)

Anyways I really enjoyed reading this series and now I am already reading the new book for month of march called Gone Girl .

Let me know your views about this nailart? Have you read the book or watched this movie what are your views? I would love to read your comments.


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