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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reptile Skin Nails using Blobbicure Technique

Hello Lovelies
I am doing a nailart challenge called Nail That Technique. As the name suggest it's about trying various nailart techniques. Nailbuddies from Indian Lacquer Lovers gave their input for this challenge and our dear admin Dimpal from CrazyPolishes did a hard work to put all this together. First theme in this challenge is Blobbicure :) This is probably my second attempt for blobbicure and I loved how it turned out. I called it Reptile skin though I never planned it like that. I did try a lot of colours and finally settled on this colour combo.

 How to do a blobbicure?
It's basically dropping one polish on a base polish while it is still wet that way the drop spreads to make an irregular spot. You can control the size of the blobs by dropping less or more polish from the bottle. Some also like to use dotting tool to drop the polish but the outcome is different and looks more of a circle than something irregular. You can also layer the blobs with different polish.

Points to keep in mind
Choice of colours- Try to use colours which can be distinguished easily to make blobbicure look vibrant.
Type of Polish- Polish should be thin flowy but not sheer. Creams works nice as base.
Be Patient- You might have to wait a couple of minutes may be upto an hour before it dries completely. So choose your mani time accordingly :)
One Nail at a time - It's obvious as we don't want our nail polish to dry before dropping another polish so work quickly as soon as you apply the base and work on one nail at a time.
Glossy Version

I chose a bright neon green as base then dropped black polish directly from the bottle. I was able to control the drops and tried to form a reptile design, This idea came after I had finished my index so you can see less effect on it :) after dropping black I quickly added yellow polish on it and yes a reptile skin right there :D

I waited for 20 minutes and when my polishes settled I very gently applied SecheVite to expedite drying time. It took me one hour to feel it completely dry. I used matte coat also later so let me know which look you like more. I liked both equally :)

Matte Version

Glossy vs Matte

I hope you liked this nailart. Have you ever tried blobbicure?
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