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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Golden Globe 2015- Three Red Carpet Inspired Nails

Hello Friends,
Today I will share nailart inspired by dresses worn by some celebrities at Golden Globe 2015. When it comes to inspiration for nailart I think fashion stands as a great source of inspiration . If you browse through what all celebrities wore at red carpet you can find unlimited inspiration. Here I tried to create three looks inspired by red carpet gowns on my nails and I totally enjoyed doing and wearing them. Let's have a look....

1. First comes in list this eye-catching flower gown by Lupita Nyong'o's. 

To create this look. Paint your nails in white and then with a fluffy round brush dab some purple and white colour near the cuticle to create a marbled effect similar to flowers. Now with a thin brush or toothpick push some purple falling from the flower bunch. I applied a golden shimmery polish over the design but it's optional. Now seal with top coat and you are done :)

2. This cute colourblock dress worn by Kerry Washington is a great inspiration

To create this look you don't need any special tools just use your nail polish brush in a different way. First paint your nails with a metallic pink polish. After it fully dries take a blue polish and sweep on both sides in a curvy motion. Let it dry and top coat that's it ! Fab nails in few minutes :)

3. Lastly Katie Cassidy in her black and silver gown

To create this look I used tape to create the triangular pattern on nails directly and then filled in black and silver colours with the help of a dotting tool. It was really tricky as you can see I messed up the lines. If you don't care to show any negative space then it will be easy to recreate this look.

So these are my three looks from Golden Globe 2015. What do you think is your favourite? Let me know in comments. If you try to recreate any of my design tag it with #lookSTN 

Thanks for reading :)

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