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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Golden Globe 2015- Red Carpet Nails

 Hello friends,
Golden Globe is like a big festival where international media eyes upon celebrities' style, their dresses and accessories etc. I was also curious to see what these top celebrities in their beautiful evening gowns wore on their nails. So while googling I found some celebrity pics flaunting their well groomed nails . I was hoping to find some nailart but I couldn't except one. Check out the pictures below if you are interested.

Julianne Moore is flaunting a beautiful silver grey gown but no bling on nails :( very plain for me.

I loved how Kate Bekinsale matched her nails to her clutch and her manicure really compliments her outfit.

Here is Kate Mara . Loved her red gown but I don't know why she wore black nails with it ? May be for a contrast !!

I think this is one of the perfect matching mani. Clutch matching dress and mani also matching clutch and dress :) Love it Kerry Washington !

One more bare nails or may be nude shade can't make out ! This lovely gown is indeed pretty but I wish Allison Williams wore some colour on nails too :/

Red Nails rocked by Edie Falco. I think it looks pretty on her.

Some really beautiful long nails !!! J-lo looking so hot and her nails are so perfect ! 
And last but not the least  Gree Grammer MissGoldenGlobe2015 finally came up with some nailart. I feel she is wearing ruffian nails on index and pinki while middle nail has pale pink and ring nail has gold polish. Correct me if I am wrong :)

That's it folks! It was fun doing this post. I downloaded the images from google images and then edited to get manicure pics from each since it's cropped so may be not very clear to you.
But I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for my next post as I will be sharing some nailart inspired by celebrities' dresses ! 

Thanks for reading 
Have a niceday and feel free to share this article :)

Let me know which is your favorite look and what you think about celebrities not wearing nailart much !!

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