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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Aliexpress 36 watt UV gel Lamp and Gel Kit - First Impression.

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am going to share my opinion on UV gel lamp and Gel kit I ordered from Aliexpress. I placed my order in December and got it in  almost one month and which I think is fair enough as shipping was free and from China. is an online store and a hot market for many items from clothes to gadgets to accessories and sometimes I see unique products too. It has lots of nailart products at reasonable price and mostly with free shipping. I wanted to try my hand on gel nails for long and so I went with this starter kit which was pocket friendly for me. Let's check out what all I got ........

I will first tell about the lamp. It's a 36 Watt lamp with four 9W UV bulbs. Plastic is sturdy and  light-weight . It is easy to handle. It also has 120 seconds timer option which I liked.

Secondly I liked all the manicure items also. They are of decent quality. I have only used pink sponge buffer, cuticle nippers and cuticle pusher so far and I liked them all.

I still have to use other items but that needs training so I think that practice finger will come handy. As of now I am more excited to use gel colours. There are 12 exciting colours along with basic builder gels- pink, white and green. They have EzFlow label and while researching I found that it is quite popular so I hope they will turn out good.

All of these pots were well packed with a seal and no spillage occured. Gel colours are well pigmented. I tried the red as shown below and liked it :) I will share the swatches of all in future with detailed review.

And last but not the least my first try on gel nails. I want to grow my right hand nails so I thought I will put some gel on it to prevent peeling and breaking. I did some stamping with my one of ONLY three plates I have lol. I am satisfied considering it was my first try plus done by non dominant hand. Now I am testing how long it will hold on my nails will keep updated on Instagram/fb/twitter ;)

So to summarize: 

Price: Price for full kit was only 47 USD
Quality : Decent (will update after using more stuff)
Shipping time : 1 month (China to Doha)
Link to the shop : Click HERE

Let me know if you have tried gel mani before ? or shopped from Aliexpress? What was your experience ? :)

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