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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

DIY- Water Marble Decal Nail Tutorial / PolyBag Marbling

Hello friends,
Today I will share a nail tutorial for creating a decal which looks similar to water marbling. I love to call it Polybag Marbling technique. It is easy and no mess way to create water marbled effect. It's a dry marbling done on a polybag and used as decal. If you are following me on Instagram & Facebook you must have seen this nailart I posted few days back. Let's have a look at Tutorial.

I was inspired by @_lifeisnail_ on instagram for this nailart and after watching her tutorial gave it a try. So here is my take on this technique.

What you need?
A polybag , two nail polishes (you can use upto 3), top coat, needle and tweezers.

You create a watermarble design on a polybag and let it dry for 5-6 hours then apply a top coat and again let it dry for 3-4 hours. Drying time may vary depending upon your nail polishes. Then pull off with the help of tweezers and apply on nails.

This gives a beautiful look to your manicure without creating a mess plus you can use any nailpolishes of your choice. In watermarbling only some polishes work but with this method all polishes works fine. Only drawback is it takes time to dry up so plan in advance :)

I hope you like this nailart. I have a video tutorial on how to achieve this look. Please click below to watch and don't forget to Like/Comment and Subscribe :D

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