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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Haunted House Nails - Halloween Nails !!

Hello Friends,

I am still carrying on #NailartChallengeOctober for Halloween Themes. I talked about all details of this challenge in my first post so if you are interested you can click HERE and join :)

For today's prompt, which is Haunted House, I decided to do very simple Halloween nails. I also did matte version. So let's have a look now :D


For this nailart I used acrylic colors for base and also for all detailing. I chose to do a purple monochrome gradient base for haunted house scene using a makeup sponge for the gradient and for detailing a thin nailart brush. I used seche-vite for glossy version and for matte version used BK Top coat. So Let me know which is your fav? Matte or Glossy !!



Hope you enjoyed !

Thanks a lot for stopping by,

Love - ANita

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