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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scaled Gradient Nails (part1)- My first experience

Hello Lovelies,

Today I am sharing scaled gradient nails as a part of #STNchallenges. You too can join us on facebook HERE and be a part of our future nail art challenges. This is my first attempt to this technique and I admit it was a real challenge. I failed terribly in my first trial but I didn't give up and here is my successful mani. After few trials and errors I finally came up with my own do's and don'ts which I hope will help others too. So keep reading........
 Scaled gradient technique is introduced by Simply Nailogical , she has done a bunch of nailart and tutorials which you can check here , I found her tutorials very helpful but then everyone learns by their own mistakes, so did I :)


 Choosing right shades was a challenge itself and finally I settled for shades of purple. I loved this monochromatic purple gradient look as well, which I posted on my social network yesterday. Polishes used are-Lilac jelly Bean 5274 from Barielle and Color no. 16 from Enchant Paris(A local brand in Doha-Qatar).

I have included all steps and tips in my next post just to cut short the length of this post. Please click HERE to see part 2 of this post. I hope you like this manicure, feel free to give your feedback and share your manicures with me by tagging me or sharing on my facebook page. All social links are above.

Have a nice day ! Stay Blessed :)

Thanks a Lot 

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