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Friday, August 22, 2014

Delicate Party Nails

Hello friends,
Today I will share a post from the past. It was waiting in my draft box and I feel it's right time to make it live as I am not doing much of nails and enjoying my holidays. If you are following me on my social platform you might be knowing already. So here is my mani.

For this manicure I applied green and red polishes in different proportion. Next I painted roses with white acrylic color on red part. You need to dilute the color so it's not harsh also I added swirls on green part, you can see in close up. Lastly I added top coat and lined up caviar beads one by one.

And on my right hand I did a quick mani to match up. I think it's perfect for short nails.

This manicure is one of my favorite. It's perfect for an evening party or night out. Let me know your views in comments below.

Thanks a Lot 

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