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Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy Father's Day- A nailart inspired by The Lion King

Hello friends,
On the occasion of father's day I tried to do something special on my nails dedicated to my father whom I love and respect a lot. I love this Father's Day Quote I found "DAD is A son's first hero and a daughter's first love". 
Coming to my Nail art I chose the Mufasa and Simba a father son duo from the movie 'The Lion King' as a very lovely relationship is shown between them. I chose the scene where Simba is riding on Mufasa, his father's back as it reminds me how I used to love
this ride as a child. Being eldest and also being a daughter I was really loved and pampered by my dad. I still remember how he used to save me from my mom's anger sometimes lol......... those golden days !!!! Anyways now I am married and have two daughters and see them playing with their dad same way as I used to and that makes me so happy :D So here is my nailart for my dad - I love You Dad

I really hope you like this nailart as I have put a lot of effort and time in it. I am happy that slowly I am improving my freehand skills. This is all done using acrylic paints on a galaxy nail background. Please Like and Share also leave your comments as they are really a source of motivation. 
Thanks for stopping by and once again 
Happy Father's Day to All Loving Dads out there !!

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