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Sunday, June 22, 2014

FIFA-2014 Nails - Mine and my friend's Nails

Hello Everyone,
Football fever is catching up. I see all products from dresses to toys to footwear to accessories etc representing FIFA :) So why not on nails. Last week my friend came up to me and asked me to do FIFA nails on her and I also had done one on mine :) So here are two FIFA nails and also one set of cutest nails I did on her sweet six years daughter. Let's have a look.
Pics below are my nails. I did a watermarble base and then hand painted
the FIFA logo, FIFA ball and Brasil Flag.

Pics below are the nailart I did on my friend. She is a great Soccer Fan. 
Now it was a great fun to do this nail art on short nails "_"

  Below are cutest art I ever did on tiniest nails ever :D 
This is my friend's daughter who is six and really a cutie pie. 
She was so happy to get them done and I was so pleased to see that smile ! 

That's all folks I hope you enjoyed all these designs. Have you done FIFA nails? Share with me on my social media I would love to see your creations and also let me know what you think of this post :)

Thanks for all LIKES and SHARES
Have a great Day !

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