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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enchant Blue Nail Polishes - No. 60 & 57 (from Qatar) and Water Spotted Nails using nail polish remover !

Hello Lovelies,
Do you love swatch posts ? I enjoy looking at beautiful nail polish shades even if I can't buy so I thought why not treat your eyes with some beautiful colors I own :) Enchant Polish is chinese brand and it has flooded all malls here. There are so many bright and beautiful colors, they come in sets and sometimes loose too. I own a few of them and I chose these two polishes for swatch and NOTD :D

Enchant No. 60 is a dark blue polish (somwhat like peacock blue) which has blue shimmers which shines in sun and give a metallic look but in normal room light it just looks glossy creamy blue. See the pics below

Enchant 60- in sunlight

Enchant 60 inside room in daylight

Next Enchant No. 57 is a lovely torquize blue colour. This color is glossy but don't have any shimmers. It is just perfect summer blue for me :) See the pics below.

Enchant 57- in sunlight

Enchant 57 - inside room in daylight

My view on these polishes -
Formula- Nice creamy very pigmented
Application- Brush is smooth and easy application
Staying power - Both have good staying power of 3-4 days without any top coat. Top coat will improve its's life :) 
Staining- Yes I found No. 60 stained as I didn't apply base coat so base coat is important.
Price- Ranges from QR 3 to QR 5

Now my experiment. I did water spotted nails using above polishes. For those who don't know what water spotting is ? -It's a technique where polish is spread over water by putting few drops then sprayed with alcohol based spray like perfume, gel spray, hair spray etc. and you get a nice effect on water something like a net. But I used nailpolish remover and it also gave similar effect :D I always use a spray bottle to keep my remover as it is very easy to use and reduces wastage too.


Water Spotted Nails using Nailpolish Remover

I hope you enjoyed these swatches and NOTD .
I will be posting more soon so stay tuned.
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