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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Butterfly Nailart on Water Marble Nails

Hey Lovelies,
Today I will show you a really interesting way to decorate your water marbled nails. I know watermarble is beautiful in itself. But you can change your manicure after you are bored of water marble by adding some details and making it more interesting. Here is my watermarble nails before adding details -

Polishes used are from Envy Brand- available in India at Health and Glow stores
1- Grape Garden 54 which is a deep mauve color
2- Rustic Charm 42 which is a grey color
3- Glit shiny 8304 which is an iridescent glitter top coat

These polishes really work well . I didn't have much problem in creating watermarble with them. Next I added some butterflies and flowers using a detail brush and acrylic colors. I just love how it turned out especially index nail where the watermarble just fitted into butterfly wing. :)

So what you think isn't a great idea to renew your manicure. I hope you will give this a go. If you like this post Please LIKE n SHARE :) 
I am excited to get your feedback . Have a great Day ! XO 

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