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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thanks Ma - Weekend Nailart

Hello friends ! How are you all doing? I have a very special nailart to share with you all. I had this in my mind for mother's day but due to my health issue I was not able to do any mani for that special day !! I was really sad but I thought to do it next time may be next year ! Then I came across a nail art competition with theme Thanks Ma (Mom) and I instantly decided I have to take part. I am really happy that I was able to paint what I had in my mind and this mani is of course dedicated to my dear ma :)

My mom is more like a friend and I feel we have come closer after I became mom myself as now I am on the same boat hahaha. I just want to thank my mom for what all she did for me (still doing by caring in all the ways she can !) and want to be a mom like her for my daughters too :D

In this mani I have used water based acrylic and poster colors and the base is a nude shade from Elf polishes.Whenever it comes to painting face I become a little nervous as I still have to learn shading and highlighting that too on such a tiny canvas but I hope you liked my effort.

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