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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Summer Water Marble Nailart and Tutorial- Welcome Back Summer !

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Hello Lovely Ladies,
Today I am super-duper excited to share this water-marble look. This is for StyleThoseNailsChallenges a face book group where we are having a fun summer challenge. Wanna Join ? Click HERE.

Today's prompt is Welcome Back Summer. When I thought of that all bright colors came to my mind specially yellow. Another reason I did this look coz my left nails (yes yes those pointy claw nails !!) They broke boohoo!! and I had nubs left so I gave some relaxation to my left hand and tried water marbling on my right. I am so pleased the way it turned out. I also managed to click step by step tutorial for this water marble. So why wait? READ ON >>

I recently bought some bright polishes called Top Lady Nail Polish from a local beauty supply store in Qatar. It's no fancy brand and I picked them as I didn't have those bright colors, but I was so amazed to see their ability to spread in water and create water marble. So I am going to bring more now ..... I am budget nail-polish collector so it just suits me. And if anyone from Doha reading it, I will let you know the shop name so PM on facebook if you are interested.

 Let's get on to Tutorial now >>

I started with making bulls eye with red blue and yellow colors. Water is filtered- room temperature and taken in a disposable glass.

When I got enough rings I started dragging from outer rings with a toothpick and dragged all rings from 4 corners towards center. Looks like clover leaf.

Then I dragged 4 more times from outer side towards center and thus made a flower shape.

Here you can see my blue ring got messed up in center so I decided to remove it. I just dipped my toothpick in center until I got clean pattern.

Since I wanted to make some wild tropical kind of flower I dragged each petal of flower formed from center to outer corner and thus got this pattern.

Now I dipped my 3 fingers together to get the various patterns on my nails. Take out nails slowly and clean surface of water before you pull out your fingers out of water. Use a toothpick or cotton bud to clean up the water surface. Remove the tape and taadaa  a beautiful pattern is there....

Repeat the process for other nails. And yes my blue turned green lol as I had used yellow as base :P

Now Some Tips !!

* Always tape your fingers leaving nails (of-course!) so you don't have to clean up A LOT.
**  Wipe your tool like toothpick or needle after every stroke to get clean pattern.
*** Don't forget to Top coat your design.
**** Don't Panic and be patient. You will be able to do it - Keep practicing ! :D

So what are your views about this nail art. Please Like above if you like it :)  Do you think it's apt for summers ?Have you tried water marbling? I would love to see your recreations . :) Also check out more summer nails on pinterest below >>

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