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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Jewelled Eggs for Easter- Easter Nailart

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Hello Everyone.
Three days left for Easter and my social feed is full of cute bunnies, chicks and colorful pastel eggs manicures. I really don't know what I can add to it as what's in my mind is on someone's nails :D. But all of a sudden I got this idea of some vintage kind jewelled eggs !!! So I gathered all my caviars and rhinestones to decorate my nails and here is what I came up with !!

I started with a nude base from Elf and then made black colored egg shapes on tips as it was perfect base for eggs except for ring nail where I added red polish almost covering full nail. Then I just decorated the eggs with different stones and beads. Since Easter is celebrated as resurrection of Jesus Christ I added a cross on ring nail to mark the occassion. And how can any Easter Mani be completed without a bunny ? So on my thumb I painted a cute bunny in basket and wrote Happy Easter.

This is totally different from what I generally do on my nails as I am more into drawing thing :) but sometimes trying something different is good.  Right ?? I am really happy with the end result and now I am waiting for your feedback- You Liked it or Disliked, feel free to share but give reason :)) 

Don't forget to Like and Share :) Thanks A Lot for reading !! Have a Happy Easter XOXO

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