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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Freehand Hummer bird Painting - Spring-Summer Nailart

Hello Lovelies, It's been a long time since I did something intricate. I was really itching to paint some detail work and finally came up with this. I was inspired by a painting I saw on google and gave it a try. I am quite pleased with the outcome and I hope you all will also like it. By the way this is for the last prompt of our summer nail challenge but we will be doing more so if you have missed this you can take part in our future challenges. Click HERE and give join request.
I started with the touchandgodrymarbling technique for the back ground as I wanted background to look cloudy as seen in my inspiration picture and this technique is perfect for achieving this look. This is how the base looks.

Now the fun begins I collected all my acrylic and poster colours and my fine brush (I cut my brush myself) and after five hours of hard work I came up with this nailart. The endresult didn't show as many colours I used to bring out the look but overall it is satisfactory :)

I also did something matching in my right hand since I am not good at painting with my left hand so I try to do something which goes with the theme. On my right I created a similar background and stick some butterfly stickers and added glitter top coat. Later I added glitter top coat on both hands :D

Here is my inspiration pic 

So friends let me know what you like about this nail art. Would you like to see more of this kind of nailart ? Any suggestions you have for me to improve or any design you want me to do? Please feel free to give your feedback and show your support by LIKE below :D
Thanks for giving your time XO

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