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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sponge Splatter Nails Technique - StyleThoseNailsDIY

Hello Friends,
Do you like Splatter Nails ? I like to see them on others but I never dared to try on myself because I hate clean up so I came up with a new idea "SPONGE SPLATTER" . I liked the effect it created though it wont be same as traditional straw. But since it's no mess I think I will be using it more often .

So let's begin the Tutorial.

1-You will need following things-

  • Sponge -One with large pores, I used dish-washing sponge.
  • Water Based Colors. You can give try with nailpolishes too but then there will be a little clean up :)
  • A pair of tweezers to hold sponge if you like.
  • A good top coat. 

2- Start painting your nails with a nude base or white base. Take out the acrylic or water colors from bottle/tube on a plate. Use 3-4 colors at least. If your colors have pasty consistency then add little water to dilute it but don't add too much as we don't want watery consistency.

3- Cut sponge into small pieces and use a new piece for different color to avoid mixing up.

4- Now start with the first color. Orange in my case. Pick up the color from plate by dabbing the sponge directly but avoid pressure so color only touches the outer layer.Now dab it on nail. If you don't like you can wipe and do again. 

5- Repeat it for all colors but before you apply a new color let previous color dry . Also if you think the colors will mix up then after adding 2-3 colors apply a thin layer of topcoat and then sponge on different colors. Don't worry if color touches your skin, you can easily wash away with water.

6- If you think accidentally you picked up more color dab it on a tissue first and then on nails as shown in pic below. The effect will depend on the amount of color you pick.

7- After you are happy just add Top coat and your splatter nails are ready. I added a few black lines randomly for added effect with a striping brush.

That's all about it ..tutorial. What do you think of this Technique ? Will you be giving it a try ? 
Let me know in comment and if you try please use hashtags 
#STNspongesplatters #spongesplatternails 
so I can look at your recreations :) You can post on my facebook or Tag me on instagram too.

I think this technique can be a good base for stamping too :)
 I did a HOLI Nailart based on this design.
 Will Link the post once I post it. 

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