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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Roses - Stripes & Dots Nail Art : Finger Food Buffet

Hello Lovelies,

Apologies for posting late this week. I was checking all great posts in the group and just loved them all. For this theme I had planned ahead but couldn't get time to execute it timely. This mani is inspired from a pair of leggings I saw in a mall and I clicked it's pic to use as inspiration later. Yes I have symptoms of a true nailart addict LOL :D. Anyways according to the theme we had to create Stripes and Dots and here I did Black and White stripes and muted orange dots as a background.

Few days back I received a huge nail mail from Karen (click HERE for that post), so I was dying to use striping tapes she sent as it was in my wishlist for a long time :)

There is something special about this nailart. I have used only polishes first time to create roses and also used striping tape for first time.I started with a black base and then masked it with two stripes of striping tape side by side to get thick lines. After masking I applied white polish and removed the tapes while it was still wet. When it was dry I picked my orange polishes. Unfortunately I had similar shades of oranges so to create highlights I added a little of nude and a little of white. There is actually no rules for making roses you keep on adding colors until you get desired look. Just remember to use a thin brush and give curved strokes. I also added nail polish remover to thin down the polishes for ease.

I am really not very satisfied with the roses but since it's first attempt at all polish roses so I excuse myself. Hope I can improve in future. Now I need your feedback :) What you think of this look ?Don't forget to LIKE this post..THANKS if you do so :)

Also check what other participants have come up with..... you might get new inspiration :)