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Monday, March 24, 2014

Mani Monday- Glitter French Tip and Review of Revlon- Radiant & Envy -Glit Shiny Polishes

Hello Lovelies,
Today in Mani Monday Post I am sharing an easy to do french manicure. I achieved this look using two glitter polishes and I am also reviewing them along with tutorial today. So stay tuned. :)

First of all let me share how to acheive this look. Start with a base coat here I used nail envy by OPI and then apply a layer of glitter polish which has tiny sparkles, I used Glit Shiny by envy polishes. Then apply blue glitter polish which has multi-sized glitters like in Revlon Radiant on the free end. Don't worry if you didn't get perfect smile line. I used white dots to hide away my imperfections :) This finishes the look. I just loved the way it came together. Elegant n charming.

Now about polishes.

Glit Shiny by En-Vy is a beautiful glitter polish with very tiny holographic sparkles. It just adds a spark to your plain manicure. I have used it over different colors and it looks lovely on all. It has rough texture due to glitters. It's very quick drying and long lasting polish. See how it sparkles in pic below :)

This is available in Health&Glow in Chennai, Banglore,Hyderabad and Mumbai in India.

Price- 69 INR but I got it as a gift  :D

Revlon 441 Radiant is  a mix of teal /dark blue fine glitters and suspended hexagonal silver bigger glitters. Looks very pretty in bottle as wells as on nails. You might have to fish for silver glitters as I feel they are less. But overall it's a beautiful polish. It takes a little more time to dry as I layered up to get silver glitters but once dry lasts for long.

I am not sure it's available in India but you can try online.

Price- $5-10 depending how you purchase.

So that's it ladies I hope you have enjoyed today's post. Just take a moment to like it and leave your feedback. I really appreciate that. Thanks XOXO